Monthly Displays

July 2024

Display Case East: Local artist Terry Howell displays sculptures of marble, stating, “I have chosen the medium of marble and I have often felt that as I started chipping away at the marble a form appears that I then cultivate.”
Display Case West: Delightful handmade ‘soft sculpture’ dolls, fairy houses and whimsies created by Barbara Kipp. The faces on some dolls were either painted or ‘needle sculptured.’

July 2024 Display

June 2024

Display Cases East & West: Lori Allen Bauer displays her paintings featuring scenes of Long Island

June 2024 Display
June 2024 Display

May 2024

Display Case West: Discover amazing creations straight from the Library’s makerspace, The Fulcrum

June 2024 Display

April 2024

Display Case East: Paintings by Jim Dungate.
Display Case West: Wood artist Jamie Routh will show his works of art.

April Display Photo

March 2024

Display Case East: Sandra Iden displays her pre and post mid-century stoneware made in the Sussex, Kent and Rye area of UK. David Townsend was the master potter of this stoneware.
Display Case West: Since 2011, Kimberly Marino has been taking classes and firing her pottery in the noborigama-style, wood-fired kiln at the
Chester Springs Studio located in Historic Yellow Springs, Pennsylvania. Each firing provides a unique environment for salt, soda, wood ash and fire to work their magic.

March Display
March Display

Display Case East: Pat Cudak displays her vintage Barbie collection.
Display Case West: Reynard Burns creates a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen featuring photos, small model planes and print outs of noteworthy events in their history.

February 2023 Display
February 2024 Display

January 2024

Display Case East: Diamond paint artwork by Elizabeth Rinaldi.
Display Case West: Melike Bayram creates mixed media illustrations using watercolors, colored pencils, and gouache paint.

December 2023

Display Case West: Mark Smith will display a collection of antique bottles

December 2023 Display

November 2023

Display Case East: Brain Awareness display by Susan Kubelle.

November 2023 Display

October 2023

Display Case East: Jim Cesare’s horror movie posters.
Display Case West: Artwork and jewelry by Meghan Bush.

October 2023 Display

September 2023

Display Case West: Bird photography by Bob Glasser

August 2023

Display Case East: Seashell artwork by Alice Schulteis
Display Case West: Joe Novak’s Scrimshaw art will be on display

August 2023 Display
August 2023 Display

July 2023

Display Case West: A tiny art show created by local community members.

July Display

June 2023

Display Case East: Jeff went on a two-week photographic safari in Kenya and took some amazing pictures of lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras and wildebeests in their natural habitats.
Display Case West: Chris Cohen has been painting wildlife since childhood and began making pottery five years ago. She enjoys the color and design of pottery and creating porcelain mosaics.

June 2023 Display
June 2023 Display

May 2023

Display Case East: Brianna Heffernan’s Nana is the inspiration for most of her work because they would walk the beach together picking up beach glass, shells and other finds when she was a child. She loves being able to create unique artwork from things that come from the ocean, which is her happy place.
Display Case West: Matthew Tchernev has been woodworking since he was 13 years old and started out with only very basic hand tools and has been doing it as a hobby ever since. Inspiration for projects mainly come from images and videos he finds online, but also come from things he may see outside of his house that he finds interesting.

May Display
May Display

April 2023

Display Case East: Gabriella Grama finds mosaic a versatile and flexible medium that allows room for experimentation and creativity.
Display Case West: Hannah Giannico is a local Blue Point artist who is inspired by her love of the ocean and beautiful coastal life on Long Island’s
South Shore. Her original designs can be found on apparel, blankets and artwork

April Display

March 2023

Display Case East: Jerry McCluskey has been collecting memorabilia from Texaco for many years. Texaco was founded in 1902 and was a major independent oil company until its merger with the Chevron Corporation in 2001.
Display Case West: Sean McCluskey shares his memorabilia from the United State Marshals Service, which was created by George Washington in 1789.

March 2023 Display
March 2023 Display

February 2023

Display Case East: Jill Barclay is inspired by nature and treats each piece of jewelry she creates like a tiny canvas and uses all kinds of natural materials.
Display Case West: Tim Tomasini has been collecting clocks for over 25 years. His collection includes items from the 1800s, carriage clocks, kitchen clocks and bridal clocks.

February 2023 Display
February 2023 Display

January 2023

Display Case East: Jim Cesare has been collecting antique toys for many years and is excited to share his vintage items at the library.
Display Case West: Beth Levine, The First Lady of Shoes, designed shoes for several First Ladies, as well as Barbra Streisand, Marilyn Monroe and Nancy Sinatra.

January 2023 Display
January 2023 Display

December 2022

Display Case East: Alison Ryczek is the owner of Pottery on Wheels, which offers in studio or in home pottery classes. Alison has been making pottery for over 20 years and is inspired by functional art that adds beauty to tables and homes.
Display Case West: Brooke Ackerman has created her artwork out of colored pencils and acrylic paints. She enjoys drawing and painting still life’s, portraits, and seascapes on seashells and is greatly inspired by the natural world.

December 2022 Display
December 2022 Display

November 2022

Display Case East: Barbara Keute has been doing French Flower Beading since her teens when her grandmother’s friend gifted her some beads. She has been beading ever since and her artwork has been shown in several European museums.
Display Case West: depression glass is glassware made from 1929 to 1939, often clear or colored translucent that was distributed free or at low cost, in the United States and Canada. Brenda Kirschenheiter inherited her collection from her mother, who acquired the glassware by going to the movies during the Depression.

November Exhibit
November Exhibit

October 2022

Display Case East: Michael Burke is a diehard New York Mets fan who has been collecting Mets’ baseball memorabilia for over 25 years.
His collection includes baseball gloves from the 1890s to the 1950s. His favorite player is Ed Kranepool, who played for the Mets in the 1960s and 1970s.
Display Case West: Information about the Bayport Blue Point Chamber of Commerce and this year’s Community Expo.

October 2022
October 2022 Display

September 2022

Display Case East: John Kowalchuk has been woodworking for 25 years and is a member of the Long Island Wood Turners Association. He enjoys working with exotic woods from around the world for their unique colors, and with local wood that can be found on Long Island.
Display Case West: Harry Schnepf creates custom made birdhouses that are based on real houses. He loves birds and has been making birdhouses for 10 years.

September 2022
September 2022 Display

August 2022

Display Case East: Ronald Bush began working on his family farm at age three, pushing a broom to help feed the cows. He currently runs Bush Farms, which is an agricultural museum located in Brookhaven. The pieces in the display case are just a few of the thousands of items he has collected over the years from area farms.
Display Case West: Alex Jerome creates items out of recycled objects based on The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics. His display is titled “The Art is in the Garbage.”

East Case Display
West Case Display

July 2022

Display Case East: Patricia Cudak has been collecting Barbies for over 30 years and has over 50 dolls, including Maya Angelou, Amelia Earhart and a commemorative Queen Elizabeth Barbie.
Display Case West: Azuree Agnello is a librarian in Suffolk County who has collected salt and pepper shakers for 11 years and has amassed over 150 of them from her travels and as gifts from family members and friends.

East Display Case July
West Display Case July

June 2022

Display Case East: Frank Reiser possesses what could be the world’s only remaining documented specimen from the Kentucky Meat-Shower of 1876. The display also includes original texts, writings, and artifacts related to the meat shower and lays out the chain of evidence supporting the specimen’s authenticity.
Display Case West: Ellen D’Onofrio crafts whimsical wooden miniature houses with different holiday themes.

June Display Case East
June Display Case West

May 2022

Display Case East: Pamela Varacek’s art is about connecting with creative intuition and allowing it to guide through the process of creating. Pam owns Mini
Monet Art Studio in Sayville where she teaches art classes to all ages.
Display Case West: Anne McNulty creates celebrity portraits using pencil and charcoal as her mediums.

Pam Brewer
Anne McNulty

April 2022

Display Case East: Local glass artists Sandy and Kathryn Seff of Colorful Visions Art Glass Studio will be displaying spring-inspired art glass designs to welcome the new season.
Display Case West: Tom Brannock strikes just the right note with his collection of vintage bowling items.

March 2022

Display Case East: Local artist Jeanette Leonard, owner and designer of Blue Harbor Jewelry, displays her unique beach-inspired jewelry and shadowboxes.
Display Case West: Expert woodworker Joe Novak displays his whimsical wood carvings that include birds, gnomes, and other creatures.

February 2022


January Display


The east display case shows the history of the buildings our library has occupied.

November Display: History of the Library buildings.



In the Le Cluse case, you will find Barbara Kipp’s handmade collection of dolls and other surprises. Local Artist Diane Keil’s watercolors are in the East & West case.

JULY 2021

Does anybody know what time it is? Check out Tim Tomasini’s clock collection in the LeCluse case. As a touch of summer in the East & West cases, artist Alice Schulteis’s Shell Art collection is on display.

JUNE 2021

Mosaics by Gabriella Grama is on display in the LeCluse case. Paintings by John and Deborah Ahearn are in the West case. Steve Walker’s black and white drawings will be in the East case.

MAY 2021

In the LeCluse case check out The Zoom Effect. Boxing memorabilia and trivia in the East case. In the West case, enjoy beautiful stained-glass designs by Laura Benedict.

APRIL 2021

The East and West Cases will feature lighthouse and sunset paintings by Donna Oliveri.


Check out Rey Burns’s Tuskegee Airman display in the LeCluse Case. Enjoy Sheila Burke-Grey’s photography in the West Case. Brenda Kirschenheiter’s Antique Valentine’s Day display will be in the East Case.


A Star Trek display by Randi Morgan will be in the LeCluse Case. In the East Case, find a tribute to Sister Janet’s 60 years of service as a nun at St. Ursula’s Convent. A Martin Luther King Jr. display by Christina Harney is in the West Case.


Local artist Joan Siciginano’s landscape paintings are displayed in the LeCluse Case. Our West Case features a SEED (Student Educational Enrichment and Development Foundation) display by Susan Chant. Get ready for the cold weather with Laura Barrella’s winter-themed display in the East Case.



Enjoy Susan Chant’s collection of cuddly Boyd’s Bears in our LeCluse case. Loren Benedict’s colorful stained-glass artwork is in our East case. Laura Barrella warms up the West case with an autumnal nostalgic display.


In our LeCluse case, Jennifer Sullivan displays her dirty pour flip cup technique and Dutch pour technique paintings. Meg Wenzel shares her rescue dog paintings in the East case, and her autumn paintings in the West case.

MARCH 2020

Get a taste of Laura Barrella’s “Utensils of Another Era” display in the LeCluse Case. Catch a breath of fresh air in the East and West cases, with Long Island Artist Andrea Larmor’s watercolors with gold leaf featuring nature scenes.



Artwork by Pamela K. Varacek.


Portrait paintings by the Library’s own Deborah Ahearn are displayed in the West Case. Just in time for the holidays, the library staff’s collection of Nutcracker soldiers stand at attention in the East Case.


Keep an eye out for our patron’s original artwork from the Keep it Simple Art Class, which is displayed in the LeCluse Case. The East Case features artwork by our talented local art teachers Karen McGinley and Samantha Raiten. Karen McGinley’s students’ artwork is in the West Case.


The East Case features Catherine Schwalm’s paintings of fisherman and the ocean. In keeping with the fishing theme, check out the West Case for Joe Novak’s fishing equipment.


Our bulletin board features information about Our Lady of Snow Parish Outreach. Barbara Kipp’s dolls are in the LeCluse Case. In the West Case, all about SEED, by Susan Chant. The East Case houses a display from the Islip Town Fire Museum.


We’ll be shining a spotlight on Tom Maher’s lighthouse collection in the LeCluse Case. The East Case will showcase glass artist Julianna Kirk’s work while the West Case will present Ron Halcrow’s wood carvings.