Monthly Displays

November 2019

Keep an eye out for our patron’s original artwork from the Keep it Simple Art Class, which is displayed in the LeCluse Case. The East Case features artwork by our talented local art teachers Karen McGinley and Samantha Raiten. Karen McGinley’s students’ artwork is in the West Case.

October 2019

The East Case features Catherine Schwalm’s paintings of fisherman and the ocean. In keeping with the fishing theme, check out the West Case for Joe Novak’s fishing equipment.

September 2019

Our bulletin board features information about Our Lady of Snow Parish Outreach. Barbara Kipp’s dolls are in the LeCluse Case. In the West Case, all about SEED, by Susan Chant. The East Case houses a display from the Islip Town Fire Museum.

August 2019

We'll be shining a spotlight on Tom Maher's lighthouse collection in the LeCluse Case. The East Case will showcase glass artist Julianna Kirk's work while the West Case will present Ron Halcrow's wood carvings.

July 2019

John Ahearn's Statue of Liberty figurines will be on display in our LeCluse Case. Dive into the East and West Cases with Alice Schultheis's shell art.

June 2019

Sean McCluskey displays his US Marshall Memorabilia in the West case. In the LeCluse case, artist Joan Sicignano displays beach scene paintings. Bayport Flower House posts a summer display on the Blue Point Avenue Bulletin Board.

May 2019

In the LeCluse Case you will find sculptures by Deborah Ahearn, student of Art Students League. A Brain Awareness Display by Sue Kubelle is on display in the East Case. The West Case features a Memorial Day WWII display by Frederick Seitz. The Blue Point Avenue Bulletin Board is decorated by the Sayville Garden Club.

April 2019

Spring flowers brighten up the Blue Point Avenue Bulletin Board. Jewelry crafted by local resident and designer Jeanette Leonard is displayed in the LeCluse Case. The East and West Cases feature student artwork from the Library’s Keep it Simple Art Classes.

March 2019

The Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce posts a tribute to our local St. Patrick's Day Parade on the Blue Point Avenue Bulletin Board. The LeCluse Case houses Ginny Novak's collection of Hummels. Joe Novak's carvings of birds and gnomes are on display in the West Case. Dog portraits by Michele Adams are displayed in the East Case.

February 2019

Brenda Kirschenheiter's Antique Valentine's Day collection is displayed in the LeCluse Case. Gene Horton's display of President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln are in the East and West Cases.

January 2019

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered in Christina Harney’s exhibit on Blue Point Avenue Bulletin Board. The LaCluse Case has portraits in bronze by sculptor Rich Fallica. Regina Halliday’s acrylic and watercolor landscapes are displayed in the West Case. Nature photographs by Donna Oliveri are displayed in the East Case.

December 2018

The Blue Point Avenue bulletin board exhibits are Holiday Bright Light photos by Steve Birkeland. Joan Sicigano’s miniature works are in the LeCluse Case. The West Case honors Ray Davis, Nobel Prize Winner, Scientist and resident of Blue Point for many years. The East Case has smokers and hand bells displayed by Beatrice Marelli.

November 2018

The West Case and LeCluse Case have World War I memorabilia, A War to End all Wars, arranged by Fred Seitz. An old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinner celebration is in the East Case displayed by Susan Jones.

September 2018

The Blue Point Avenue bulletin board has a back to school display brought to you by the Girl Scout Troop. The Boy Scouts have a display in the LeCluse case of all their wonderful work. The West case is proudly displaying the anniversary of over 100 Terry family reunions. The DAR has a display in the East case celebrating the signing of the Constitution.

August 2018

Unusual art design around sea shells is exhibited in the Hall Gallery by Alice Schultheis sea shells are also on display in the East and West cases

July 2018

The Fourth of July is celebrated in the LeCluse case by Brenda Kerscheinter. The Blue Point Ave. bulletin board has photographs from the Bayport/Blue Point Heritage summer concert in the park.

May 2018

The Patchogue American Legion Hall and restored Civil War statue are in the West hall case. Decoration Day (aka) Memorial Day is recognized in the LeCluse case. The Blue Point Avenue Bulletin board is birdhouses built by Brownie Troop 217 keeping the birds happy at the Blue Point Nature Preserve.

April 2018

A happy pretty blue sky scene of dolls, Easter and Spring Time is in the LeCluse caseAn extensive display by the Greater Patchogue Historical Association featuring village activities and old buildings is in the West Hall case.

March 2018

Walter Petrule’s pictures of the Bayport Blue Point Chamber of Commerce St. Patrick’s Parade are shown on the Blue Point Avenue bulletin board. Donna Robert’s dolls are having their own St. Patrick’s Parade in the LeCluse case.

February 2018

On the Blue Point Avenue bulletin board Jill Pollo has a wealth of facts about Lincoln’s life, career and Presidency. Brenda Kirschenheiter’s family collection of antique valentines is carefully shown in the LeCluse case. Abraham Lincoln’s and George Washington’s birthdays are recognized in colorful and informative displays organized by Historian Gene Horton in the hall cases.

January 2018

Christina Harney’s articles on the Blue Point Avenue bulletin board celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and events of his good work. Information about the 150th Anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation is shown in the LeCluse case. Gene Horton’s latest book and his previous publications are showcased in the west case. Shown in the east hall case is a community service project called BAGS OF HOPE a Ministry of the Bayport Methodist Church.