Tribute to Gene Horton

Tribute to Gene Horton

I was saddened to hear about the recent loss of our local Bayport-Blue Point Historian, Gene Horton.

As a highly engaged member of our local community for many years, Gene taught all of us more historical and factual information about our hamlets of Bayport and Blue Point than anyone could ever imagine.

No one knew more about local history than Gene Horton. He was a professional educator who was always ready to share the history of every facet of our community – and how all the various elements interrelated with each other. And he knew how to convey the story of our community’s historical heritage to young and old alike.

Gene served as the ultimate resource for our local historical societies, the Chamber of Commerce, our civic organizations, and our schools. Simply by being in his presence, people always wanted to learn more about our community’s past.

A number of years ago, I was attending a local event and found myself in the company of Gene Horton and another local resident, Jim Morgo. I noticed that Jim was addressing Gene as “Uncle Gene.” At one point, I asked Jim if he and Gene were related.

No, Jim said, he just felt comfortable addressing Gene as “uncle.” Since then, I also began called him “Uncle Gene.” It felt natural to do so.

In tribute to Gene, I encourage everyone to take a moment to stop by our “Gene Horton Room” at the Bayport-Blue Point Library. There, you can view and enjoy an extensive array of historical collections, all made available through the graciousness and generosity of Gene. It’s a lasting tribute to a great man – and you can be sure the “Gene Horton Room” will travel right along with us to our forthcoming new home down the road.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Bayport-Blue Point Library and our entire staff, we wish eternal peace to a wonderful man who touched our lives in many ways. God Bless You, and rest in peace, “Uncle Gene.”

Ronnie Devine, Jr.
Bayport-Blue Point Board of Trustees